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Mária Cipriani, MA LCSW


A shaman is someone who heals herself, another, or her community by entering into an altered state and retrieving information that would not ordinarily be available to her. Shamanism is pre-religion, developed in a time when humans were more connected with nature.


The paradigm presented by shamanic healing offers a balancing counterpoint to Western allopathic medicine. When shamanism is introduced as part of an entire healing regimen for people with life-threatening illnesses it can provide a sense of empowerment for patients who often feel that the medical world has taken their body and their healing out of their control.

People who are not in dire medical circumstances may engage in shamanic healing to achieve a different type of insight, clarity, or wholeness. The results achieved are as different as the individuals working at this level.

"This was one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life." GG, 34, New York City.

I believe that this type of healing ability is available to anyone who seeks it. Many people who are introduced to shamanic healing feel that it's something that they've known all along and to which they are returning.


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