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Mária Cipriani, MA LCSW

Is Therapy right for me? ....Is any of this

right for me? Educate yourself!

As an educator, I highly recommend educating yourself about the journey you're about to undertake before making a commitment to therapy. The path toward healing and wholeness is a very personal one, and it's one that involves a commitment of time and money. So, if you've been perusing my website and you've arrived at this page, chances are that you're interested, but you want more information before making that call.

Learn About Being in Therapy. To get to know more about me personally and the way I think and work in the healing partnership, I suggest that you sign up for a copy of the free Learning For Life newsletter. Just click the link below and give me your e-mail to receive this free monthly newsletter. My column, Thoughts In Practice, will give you an idea of how I think about the therapy process.

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Specifically for Couples. It's very difficult to find a good couples therapist in this town–or in any town. When interviewing couples therapists, consider a few very important points. First, this is your relationship--yours and your partner's. The therapist is a guide, not a dictator. You and your partner should be talking to each other, not listening to a therapist. One way you'll know that you'll be talking to each other is if, in the very first session, you're facing each other–not the therapist.

Second, most couples' problems stem from some failure of communication. Learning to communicate differently with each other is the basic tool that can help a relationship to survive, and, ultimately, to thrive. If you're in couples therapy simply rehashing the same issues in front of a witness and not learning new ways to talk about those issues, chances are, you won't get too far in couples therapy. Check out Harville Hendrix's book, Getting the Love You Want. Couples who learn to dialog intentionally with each other, using Imago Relationship Therapy, the method Harville Hendrix and his associates teach, have a 30% higher relationships success rate.

When you work in couples therapy with me, you and your partner will learn to speak and listen to each other effectively. If you're not ready to come to weekly couples therapy, you might consider a weekend Imago Couples Workshop.

Learn about Shamanism. I have studied with several shamans. The indigenous Q'ero of Peru do not have websites, however you can get some idea of the type of shamanic practices that you will be engaging in with me by looking at any of the following books:

Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q'ero of Peru

The Tracker


Conscious Dreaming

The Way of the Shaman

I was introduced to shamanism by Joan Poelvoorde. I then studied with Alberto Villoldo. His journey into the world of shamanic healing is documented in the following books:

The Dance of the Four Winds

Journey to the Island of the Sun

As a certified Shamanic Counselor (certified by Alberto Villoldo's organization, The Four Winds), some of the other techniques that are available to you are energy field (aura) cleansing, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, dream retrieval, and divination. Any of the following books will give you an idea of what's available for you:

Shaman Healer Sage

Soul Retrieval (by Sandra Ingerman)

Mending the Past and Healing The Future with Soul Retrieval

The Four Insights

For courses on any of the techniques that I teach, visit

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