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Mária Cipriani, MA LCSW

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Hypnotherapy is very effective for overcoming addictions, including smoking cessation and overeating. Hypnotherapy can also be used for overcoming phobias, writer's block, and public speaking or audition issues.

Hypnotherapy is a way to use both your conscious and unconscious mind to persuade yourself to bring about change or to achieve a desired goal. The client is always in control during the session. While participating in a hypnosis session, you are never out of control; you cannot be hypnotized to do anything that you do not choose to do. Hypnotherapy is not: mind control or brain washing. The idea that you can be made to "bark like a dog" upon command is not possible--unless, of course, you want to bark like a dog.

EMDR (which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Repatterning) is a specific clinical protocol designed for the treatment of trauma, is also very effective in non-trauma related issues involving life changes that individuals would like to make in their lives. Any search engine can give you specifics on this practice.

Energy Work, unlike massage or reflexology, works on the personal space around a person, rather than on a person's physical body. Energy work does affect the physical body and the emotions that bind a person, resulting in "feeling stuck."  Sometimes when talk builds to an impasse, a non-verbal energetic approach can bring healing to another level.

Guided Visualization is one of the most effective ways to enhance other forms of healing. Personalized visualizations pre- or post-surgery enhance the body's natural healing ability. This same healing ability is utilized for fertility, weight loss, and self-esteem visualizations. I also offer personalized visualizations for people undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatment procedures working to enhance the benefits of those treatments and minimize the side effects as much as possible.

Meditation is one of the quickest and most effective ways for people to get focused, regain control of themselves, and build mental stamina and creativity. Meditation does not take long to learn, and the practice is one that a person can do alone or in a group. Typically two or three consultation sessions for mediation yield lasting results.

Personal Performance Enhancement and Coaching: Are you feeling stuck in your job, in your personal relationships, in your life generally? Sometimes all you need is some redirection. It may be that you're on the right track, you're just driving a diesel commuter locomotive rather than a bullet train.

Working with a professional to reframe your objectives and get you on the right track will breathe new life and energy into any endeavor. Goal setting and direction on how to achieve those goals does not require years, or even months of consultation, however, this investment in yourself could last a lifetime.

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